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We thicken the sole to two times the normal size, which makes it more wearable. At the same time, we also use the pure rubber soles, without adding any other materials to ensure the quality of the shoes. This makes the Vans professional skateboard brand impregnable. Waffle soles have become one of the essential equipment for skaters
Figure Tony skateboard world: Alva is the first to make Off The Wall air movement is smooth, he made a slip away from the pool and balance landing action in 1976, this action is called Off The Wall.>

For Vans, this sentence also means unique, personal style, and the ability to try something that other people have not tried.
After 1976, Vans shoes on the heel began to use Off The Wall this Logo, and now this sentence has become a sign of the brand.
As the symbol of extreme sports, Off The Wall is the symbol of Vans brand. It expresses the spirit of innovation and self style, representing the extreme sports and young culture.
Since then, the Off The Wall Logo has become a symbol of skateboarding.

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